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Nadeem Home solution offer Fumigate Services in Lahore, our company is one of best in town for pest Control Company that provides services throughout the Community of Lahore. The uncontrolled existence of cockroaches in a kitchen is a very serious potential risk to your health. If you want to eliminate the problem, we have treatments to get rid of them permanently. We offer our clients useful solutions to end the problem of pests or cockroaches that you have in your home or business. 03365111808.  Experts in pests… Call us, we open on Sundays and holidays Fumigation of harmful organisms 24/7. We fumigate coffee cockroaches, bed bugs, pigeons, ants, health certificate and termites, rats, , moths, moles, etc.

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The hygienic-sanitary regulations consider that pest control is a “fundamental hygiene prerequisite” . In other words, this means that if correct pest control is not carried out, the healthiness of an establishment cannot be guaranteed and therefore it cannot carry out the activity. In practice, this means that during sanitary inspections, the first document requested is the Pest Control Plan.


The Pest Surveillance and Control Plan (former ddd certificate) is a set of documents that certify that adequate surveillance of the facilities is being carried out, with the aim of preventing and/or controlling the possible appearance of a pest. Depending on the type of installation and the risks detected, the plan to be followed is drawn up. Said plan, in addition to having to be updated, must always be available to the health authority.

The food hygiene regulations require that every establishment where food or feed  is stored, prepared, served and/or distributed , has the corresponding Pest Surveillance and Control Plan .

In addition, certain activities such as bars, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, hairdressers and beauty centers are regulated locally through health ordinances, in which said obligation is expressly indicated.

Techniques to eliminate cockroaches

Ecological. Dry ice is put into burrows where rats, moles, mice and other target animals for treatment hide. Dry ice goes directly from the solid to the gaseous state by sublimation (a process that consists of changing from a solid to a gaseous state without going through the liquid state). This is a very clean method in some cases. In the case of insects and instead of the classic spraying of cockroaches , it is a little used method since it is valid for high infestations

How much does it cost to fumigate a house?

Each situation requires an individualized solution. This will depend on the type of pest in question, the level of infestation, and the predisposing factors that may occur in the environment. Therefore, in most cases it will be necessary to prepare a personalized budget. However, as a guide, you can check our pest control rates here .

Can you sleep in the house the same day of the spraying?

In most cases, disinsection treatments are carried out with products that do not have a safety period. In these cases it will not be necessary to leave the house.

Does the house have to be prepared in any way?

Depending on the type of treatment to be carried out, it will be necessary or not to carry out certain actions before fumigating the house. Our technicians will indicate in each case the measures that are necessary to adopt.

What guarantee do i have that the plague will finally disappear?

As in the previous sections, the effectiveness of the treatments will depend to a large extent on the type of pest to be combated. In the case of kitchen cockroaches, in 95% of cases they are solved in a single treatment. When it comes to bed bugs, this percentage drops to 85%. On certain occasions, it will be necessary to carry out treatments continuously over time to keep the pest under control.



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